Mechanical parts assembling
Mechanical systems’ assembling

Much more than a subcontractor, a partner. After machining, finishing and completing, we provide our clients with the mechanical part’s assembling and the exterior components’ integration, to reduce costs and completion time of mechanical assemblies

Manufacturing and assembling of highly developed mechanical assemblies and subassemblies

Finishing and completing the machined parts : Painting, Sandblasting, Surface treatments, Heat treatments, Welding, Polishing, Grinding, Marking
Machined parts assembling
Additional parts’ supply such as defined by our client
Engines assembling, cylinders, components, …
Torque tightening

Assembled mechanical assemblies

Comprehensive service

• Functional testing
• Packaging
• Shipping in France and abroad

What makes you choose us to assemble your mechanical parts ?

• To meet your high precision requirements
• To reduce costs and lead times
• To deal with a single interlocutor