Expert in precision machining

SÉRÉMO is a precision mechanics company, serving small to medium sized companies as well as the leaders from most industrial sectors for more than 50 years. Our up-to-date efficient machinery,  operated by a reliable and experienced team, able to produce very complex workpieces, with a high quality standard

An industrial precision mechanics company for more than 50 years

SÉRÉMO is operating as a subcontractor on the levels 1 or 2. We manufacture mechanical components, assemblies and subasssemblies.

Founded in 1970 with over 50 years of experience, we are recognized for the quality of our technical consultancy and our high-end know-how. We are ISO 9001 certified since 2005.

Thanks to the extensive know-how of our team members, our wide range of up-to-date machines, you can confidently entrust the care of your complex components and tools.

Our company operates in CAD/CAM mode, from your plans or 3D files, to meet your needs, from the unitary prototype to the small and medium runs, and in all materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, …

With our 1400m² of premises located in Annecy area, we are proud to be your local subcontractor implementing optimal flexibility to serve you as rapidly as possible.

Sectors of activity

SÉRÉMO is mainly active in the following sectors of activity:

A company with solid corporate values

At the service of our clients:

• Quality and Reliability • Responsiveness and availability • Integrity and transparency

Within the team:

• Team spirit and team work • Sharing and solidarity • Ongoing development

A company with strong environmental ethics

• Selective sorting of metal and plastic wastes • Recovery of cutting oils and processing by an external provider • Solvents proscription in our premises • Organic products used for most processings
“Safety and environment are priorities that we are constantly improving, for comfort, health and quality of life at work. The products we use are carefully selected according to their possible impact on the planet. » Franck Gouin, the company director