Milling machines and digital lathes, 3, 4, and 5-axis
All metal CNC machining centers

SÉRÉMO provides you with up-to-date and highly efficient machinery. Our company is constantly investing to widen our range of machines. We have 3, 4 and 5-axis machines, which programming is carried out by CAD/CAM from client files

The competitive edge of 5-axis machining

With 5-axis machining, the workpiece can be processed in all directions and on five sides, in a single operation.

At the same time, SÉRÉMO has a complete software package, from the design stage to simulation, which enables our operators to work with the greatest precision.

Simulation software virtually reproduces the actual machining environment. The benefits:
No risk of collision
Increased productivity + Reduced production costs

A complementary machine park

The 4 and 5-axis NC machines make it possible to produce parts and extremely complex tools within very short deadlines, combining quality and precision.

The conventional park ensures flexibility and reactivity

All the machines are interconnected and CAD/CAM operated.

Machining centers and digital milling machines

1 DMC 635V machining center
strokes: X=635 Y=510 Z=460

1 machining center – 5 AXIS DMG DMU60
strokes: X=560 Y=560 Z=630

1 MAZAK NEXUS 510 CII machining center
strokes : X=1050 Y=510 Z=510
ISO Command

1 MAZAK VTC 200b milling center
strokes : X=1120 Y=510 Z=510
Mazatrol fusion 640M Control

1 HURON machining center.
strokes : X=1200 Y=600 Z=600 Heidenhain Control

1 machining center – 5 AXIS DMG EcoMill 50
strokes : X=500 Y=450 Z=400

Traditional milling

1 CB FERRARI milling machine
with electronic displaying of dimensions



Machining center and digital milling machines CAM programmed. 3D and simultaneous 5 axes surface and volume (3 positions)

MASTER CAM directly linked to NC

Files: DXF, IGES, STEP, …

Digital turning

1 MAZAK QTN 200 NC lathe

1 MAZAK QTN SMART 200 NC lathe

1 MAZAK type SQT18 MY – 4 AXIS NC lathe

1 MAZAK type QT.6 T NC lathe with LNS barloader

1 MAZAK QT 06 NC lathe


1 MAZAK – 4 AXIS NEXUS 250 NC lathe

1 DMG/MORI SEKI – 4 AXIS NLX 2500/700 NC Lathe

1 DMG/MORI SEKI NLX 2500/700 NC lathe

1 MAZAK – 4 AXIS SMOOTH 250 NC lathe

Traditional turning

1 GRAZIANO SAG 210 parallel lathe
Between points =1500 Ø over bed : 440 with electronic displaying of dimensions.

1 GRAZIANO SAG 14 parallel lathe
Between point=1000
Ø over bed: 370 with electronic displaying of dimensions.

1 CAZENEUVE 590 OPTIMAX parallel lathe
Lathe by learning

1 ROMI T240 parallel lathe
Between points = 1000 
Ø over bed: 350 with electronic displaying of dimensions.


1 Three-dimensional Digital Machine with tilting head

2 Measuring Columns MITUTOYO

1 three-dimensional Measuring Machine Mitutoyo

1 Contour Measuring Instrument Mitutoyo

1 Roughometer


1 Welding Machine T.I.G. SOCOME
1.4 to 300 amps


1 Drill SYDERIC SNCL-32 –Ø 32

1 Drill SYDERIC S 23-30
Ø 30 – With cross bench.


1 Bandsaw STARRETT S4230
capacity: Ø Max=280, Square Max=230, Flat Max= 400*210

1 Circular Saw KASTO type V315M
capacity: Ø Max=95, Square Max=95, Flat Max=140*80

1 Vertical Bandsaw


1 universal cylindrical Grinding Machine DANOBAT RE=H-500 – Ø 150 – lg 700

1 Surface Grinder ALPA RT-450
Strokes : 450 x 200


1 Tapping Arm ROSCAMAT. M3 to M24.


1 Deburring Machine Abral A200
1 Sandblaster